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Apple IPhone 5se, IPhone 5S Upgrade, In The Works

Apple is known to stick to the smallest line of devices possible. Therefore, each year, we wait for the company to release just one new iPhone in September. Not the March we are expecting for the Apple iPhone 5se.

The Apple iPhone 5se is reportedly going to be an upgrade of the iPhone 5, but not a smaller iPhone 6

Apple always releases a whole new phone in a span of 2 years. For example, they released the Apple iPhone 6 back in 2014. Then, in 2015, they released a slight update to the phone, the iPhone 6S. In 2016 September, as we are expecting, they will be releasing the iPhone 7. This way, it takes them two years to move from one number to the next.


This has been their play for a long time. Recall when they released the Apple iPhone 3GS, then the 4, then iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 and last year the iPhone 6S.

Confusing IPhones

Before the release of the iPhone 5S, they had stuck by their rule: One year, one phone. That changed in September 2013 when Apple decided to discontinue the iPhone 5 and release a cheaper, lower quality iPhone 5C concurrently with the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C did not perform so well in the market, and perhaps that is why Apple has not released its sequel ever since.

Anyway, in 2014, while releasing the iPhone 6, they also introduced another iPhone. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus. This is a giant 5.5 display device. If you think about it, the leap was real. From 4 inch display that many iPhone users were used to, up to 4.7 screen on the 6 and 5.5 screen on the iPhone 6 Plus.

This made the Apples line of devices a confusing one. But then, we got used to it fast and waited patiently for the Apple iPhone 6S and the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. They got released last year as expected.


What Is Coming..

However, in 2016, reports claim that Apple is looking to release a smaller iPhone, the iPhone 5se. This is a 4 inch iPhone. The SE, I think, stands for Special Edition. Well, this is not what Apple usually does, but maybe some customers did not upgrade to the iPhone 6 due to their love for the smaller iPhone 5S. Yet, Apple did not like the idea of releasing iPhone 6C.

The new Apple iPhone 5se will appeal to people who think Apple had tried to imitate others by going after larger screen sizes instead of usability and the philosophy they stood for. Remember when Steve Jobs said that the perfect size is 4 inches? Whatever the reason for releasing a smaller device, let us wait and see what the device will look like, and whether it will be a hit.

The iPhone 5Se will reportedly be announced in March this year and we shall keep you iphone se Specifications


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