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The Best 4 Phones In Kenya Under 15,000 Kshs 2017

Hi, welcome to this short rundown on the best budget phones in Kenya for 2016. Of course, many other phones are set to be announced very soon. However, this list includes only the phones that are already available on the market, and you can buy them from anywhere in Kenya. The best place to check first, if you are a busy person, is Jumia.

I will be updating this list constantly to reflect the current phone prices in Kenya. Just remember that these phones are in no particular order. All of them are great in their regard, and each one appeals to a particular class of people. You are free to leave any questions in the comments section below.

Remember you can always recommend any phone you think should be on this list. I will take a look at the phone, and if it fits this category, I will be happy to add it.

  1. Infinix Note 2 X600 – Kshs 12,499 Buy It

The Infinix X600 Note 2 Gold version – Back

The Infinix X600 Note 2 Gold version Back. Click on the image to view a high-res image

The X600 is the latest phone among the best budget phones in Kenya. Specs that make it stand out are the fast battery charging and its massive 6.0” screen.

I listed the specs of the Infinix Note 2 here in comparison to other phones on its league.

What I Think

I played with the Infinix X600 for a while. I must confess it has impressed me more than I expected at first. Before I had a hands-on experience with it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the little 1GB ram.

N.B.: There is a 2GB RAM version of this phone, but I havent seen it. So, are you brothers so happy with 1GB RAM that the company did not think of launching the 2GB version here immediately? Or did they neglect you people? Think, think, think!

Moving on, if you come from 2010, you will probably shout at me trying to correct my claim of this RAM being small. 1GB? Small? Not enough? What do you do with your phone?

Well, let us face it. Go to the Google play store and try downloading a popular app like WhatsApp. 4 years ago, that is 2012, WhatsApp was just a mere 7MB in size. If you think about it, nothing much, concerning functionality has been added into WhatsApp except the calls. However, the size of the app has increased tremendously. It is now 20MB. But there is a reason: Graphics.

Android apps today demand a lot of resources regarding CPU and memory while running because they have very high-quality graphics. These requirements mean that 1GB of RAM should no longer be an acceptable minimum for a phone that costs more than 12K.

That is why, when Infinix Mobility first announced the phone, I was disappointed. But then, the hands-on time came along, and my previous objections left no footprint in comparison to the good impression presented by other features such as the gorgeous screen.

Why It Is Among The Best Budget Phones In Kenya

I love reading eBooks. I like browsing the web. I like writing notes on all my devices. And the Infinix Note 2 X600 is simply a fantastic companion regarding its niceties.

Something else: oh boy, the battery!

Infinix Mobility made sure that the greatest highlight when it launched this phone, was its long lasting yet fast charging battery.

Those features, when combined, create a phone that humbles the power bank companies. So, my friend, do you like to own a phone that will get you to save the 3K you were budgeting for a power bank? Get the Infinix Note 2. I rest my case.

In Summary


Gorgeous screen6” screen real-estate

Fast-charging battery

Large Battery


The camera could be better.

Who Should Buy This Phone?

If you love reading, this is the phone for you. Because the battery will last, and you will browse, and read, and browse, and,.. until you say the day is over. Then the Infinix Note 2 will also retire.

  1. The Tecno Camon C5 Kshs 11,500 Buy It

The Tecno Camon C5

Tecno Camon C5. Click on the image to view a higher res image

When Tecno phones first came to Kenya, they were characterized by cheap and LOUD blocks of phones that were guaranteed to tear the pockets of your new jeans effortlessly; don’t even talk about your new suit.

I remember one particular Tecno phone that would take 12 hours to complete charging. And what not! The phone would still not access the basic Google! Don’t even consider Facebook and the like.

Fast-forward to 2015, and you are in an entirely new world. First, I think it is worth noting that the most convenient mobile phone brands care center service in Kenya are CarlCare. So, other than Tecno improving its mobile product lines, it also made sure that its customers can benefit from its 13-month warranty.

So, in Kenya, across all major cities, you will get your iTel, Tecno and Infinix phones issues sorted out conveniently in any CarlCare center. I just wanted to let you know. Back to the topic.

In almost four years, Tecno has been able to graduate from the feature phone dominance to the budget smartphone market segment. Its phones are now of high quality, they are feature-packed, and they remain affordable.

What I Think

The Tecno Camon C5 is one of the most awesome phones on Tecno Mobile’s arsenal.

Its 5” inch screen with a resolution that translates to 294ppi is gorgeous. However, I do not praise the phone’s screen in any way. 294PPI is just not that bad.

The phone’s strengths, however, shine in entirely new dimensions thus placing the phone in its league here.

Two aspects make the phone stand out.

  1. Photography
  2. Design

If you love capturing photos on the go, and I do not mean just photos, I mean high-quality pictures, Tecno Camon C5 has got you covered.

Let’s see, it comes with 8MP, dual flash, and the front-facing camera is a 2MP one with flash too. However, you will say 8MP is no longer great. I will gladly ask you to get the old iPhone 5, with an 8MP camera, and compare it with the 13MP camera of, say, the InnJoo Note Pro, and you will begin to think differently about the number pixels and the actual quality.

Guaranteed, the phone takes beautiful photos from anything you throw it. Whether it is complicated lighting scenes, selfies, portraits, name them. Even fast action scenes such as a speeding car, or your kid playing. Its just that fast.

There is also one thing that works amazing on this phone to make that a reality. It is the camera app. I am not yet sure how Tecno implemented the Tecno Camon C5’s camera, but I love the speed.

As soon as you tap to take a photo, the pic is saved instantly; you will think you have not taken a picture. In fact, I think the delay is in milliseconds.

And did I tell you the phone has a dedicated camera button? It is a thoughtful addition. However, my only grievance here is that I cannot use the button to launch the camera app like I do on the Lumia devices. Take note Tecno. Please listen.

So, you now understand why this phone is impressive to me. The phone’s camera takes high-quality photos, has an awesome flash, and is lightning fast when it does it.

Now, the design. Don’t you just love a phone that feels light and soft when you hold it in your hand? I mean, who wants so sharp edges on a phone, that make the palm itch when you tightly grip it?

That is my opinion, but I am pretty sure some of you share my sentiments; that a curvy phone is nice to hold.

However, I know many people also love a phone such as the Infinix Hot 2 X510. That phone is boxy. Therefore, it is so lovely to look at, but not to hold. On the other hand, though, the curvy Tecno Camon C5 rests softly and gracefully in your hand. Additionally, the textured back cover, the red line and the black section around the camera and flash, make the phone look gorgeous.

In Summary


Great camera

Camera Button

Beautiful and thoughtful design

Fast photo taking


Just 8GB.

This phone is for people who prefer a functional device that is light, well designed and has an excellent camera while on a budget.

  1. Tecno Camon C8 Kshs 15, 999 Buy It

I forced myself to add this phone to this list. In fact, I thought a lot about it. You will understand why as you read on.

First, this is an upgrade of the Tecno Camon C5 as supposed by Tecno Mobile. However, many people do not believe it is an upgrade. It just a small update. I wish the hardware were downloadableto make such a minor upgrade painless.

Anyway, the price difference between this phone and the Tecno Camon C5, is just above Kshs 2,000. When I thought about this small price difference, I relented and decided to add this phone.

What I Think

Do not be too carried with my whining so much as to forget how nice this phone is. It inherited everything that is nice to have in the Tecno Camon C5 and built on that, resulting in an excellent device.

First, the camera was upgraded to 13MP. The memory was also pumped up to 16GB. Lastly, the screen was increased from 5” inches, in size, to 5.5” inches. However, the screen resolution was not increased, which means its PPI is less as compared to that of the Tecno Camon C5.

In Summary


Better Camera

Bigger Screen


Lower PPI

Who Should Buy This Phone?

This phone is for those who just want to buy a good cameraphone. However, if you are on the C5, there is no need to upgrade.

  1. Infinix Hot 2 X510 Kshs 7,600 Buy It

Infinix Hot 2 Review Tech Kenya

The Infinix Hot 2 X510. Click on the image to view a high res image.

When I shared my impression about the Infinix Hot 2, I was quick to mention that its design looks great. However, while I kept using the phone, the sharp edges started to irritate me a little.

What I Think

On the plus side, I loved the gold color, the slim design, the excellent camera, the vibrant screen and the fact that the phone packed Android Lollipop.

In Summary


Good looking

Regular Updates



The feel annoyed me a little

Who Should Buy This Phone?

This phone is for those people who want a functional device that is set to receive regular updates from Google. The phone is affordable, looks good to the eyes, and has great features overall.

It is now your turn to make suggestions on which the best budget phones in Kenya are that I may add them to this list. Hit the comments below. If you got any questions, feedback, or anything you want to share, also leave it in the comments section, and I will gladly reply to them within hours. Thanks for reading through.


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