Unsubscribe From Premium SMS

How to unsubscribe from safaricom sms

How To Unsubscribe From Premium SMS Services Safaricom

Lets face it. Premium SMS services, especially to those using Safaricom, are annoying.

I know I am not the only one who is annoyed with the unscrupulous businesses which want to forcefully take your money when they want to. This morning, I came across a post on Safaricoms Facebook page that reminded me how much our ignorance and innocence is being taken advantage of.

A Safaricom customer wrote, , and so you have also started deducting 10 shillings each time I top up! Safaricom was quick to tell the guy to dial *200# or *100# and unsubscribe from premium services.

So, what are these premium SMS services and how come you got subscribed without your consent?

Premium SMS services are mostly news or quote SMS services. However, currently, most of them do not even send you a single SMS. Yet, they will continuously deduct your money.

In the past, however, such services used to send you a link where you could download a ringtone. They were pretty useful back then. Some would even send you very important farming tips.

Now, that market is almost dead am pretty sure. And so a section of these people, who couldnt think of any better way to evolve their business model in order to stay afloat, decided it is time to cash on innocent Kenyans.

This thing is connected to online advertising.

When you visit some scum sites, mostly those which pretend to be download sites, they ask you for your phone number so that you can download their files. Do not share your phone number to download anything! That is how you get subscribed to these services. In fact, that lad up there was lucky enough. His was a 10/= service. I have heard of people who get deducted 50/= every day.

All these annoy me. But there is nothing much I can do to help other than point you in the right direction. If you get subscribed to premium SMS services, quickly dial *100#, for pre pay, or *200# for post pay.


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