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The new flagship phone from HTC still comes with the robust power and design we are so much used to being served with from the Taiwanese phone maker, HTC. However, as much it might not be perfect, yet, for the first time, HTC’s flagship phone looks and actually delivers like a future proof phone.

The Camera upgrades and the FHD screen are standard features for today’s flagship phones. You may be wondering why I did not mention the QHD displays from the competition here, the logic is simple, a display of anything beyond 400 ppi is sufficiently crisp and anything extra just means a little advantage, if any. There can be no noticeable difference if you were compare HTC One M9’s screen with the Samsung Galaxy S6


HTC One M9 review in Kenya HTC One M9 Price in Kenya

The HTC One M9 is a hard phone to describe, as its a delightful, decently created and effective gadget, yet its likewise not offering a colossal level of hype as contrasted with the HTC One M8.

The reason its hard to talk about it is on the account of it being such a well-made phone, and to nitpick it appears to be very silly when HTC has unmistakably cracked how to make the best-feeling smartphone surprisingly better.

HTC One M9 review in Kenya HTC One M9 Price in Kenya

In any case there are a few constraints that must be banged into when making the best gadget available, as HTC has accomplished throughout the previous two years, and the absence of defects to correct is truly evident with the One M9.



HTC One M9 review in Kenya HTC One M9 Price in Kenya

The HTC One M9 doesnt generally need to be described, not even with the best words, it needs to be felt. To talk about it, or even show off its pics, doesnt generally do equity to the premium device in the hand, to the decently crafted outline, to the way everything feels study.

There are a few changes from the One M8, with the power button now moving to the side of the device, notwithstanding the brand sticking with a 5-inch screen and really contracting the height of the phone.

The power button is just below the two-volume keys on the right-hand side, and its really irritating that each of the three are the same shape as its not simple to guess where your hand is at a given time.

HTC One M9 review in Kenya HTC One M9 Price in Kenya

The power key is somewhat furrowed to help that, however, it would have been nice to have the volume keys on the opposite side or move the microSD to give more room to move the volume buttons.

This may appear pompous, yet given that youll be pressing these buttons tens, if not hundreds, of times each day, they need to be perfectly placed. You can use the knock-on (Hey, I just borrowed that term from LG) feature on the screen to wake the One M9, or swipe from the sides, yet the general requirement for a decently placed power key is key.

The HTC logo still exists at the base of the screen in its own particular minimal dark stripe, which will pester a few owners who have complained to HTC about this peculiarity in the past. It does add to the officially tall height of the phone, yet it holds critical parts, as said by HTC, so it needs to be there.

HTC One M9 review in Kenya HTC One M9 Price in Kenya

This is likely due to the BoomSound speakers, being one of the staple additions to the HTC One family since the HTC One M7, as they need the additional space to have the capacity to make that boom sound that is extraordinary for playing music on your phone out and about.

In the hand, the HTC One M9 is a bit thick, however in a strangely positive way. The adjusted back makes it sit pleasantly in the palm, and the weight and profundity both appear to dovetail pleasantly with the premium feel.

Theres something bizarre with the early models that many people have had hands on for a few days: the first option, a silver and gold combo, seems sharp and rough at the edges. However the gun-metal dim alternatives seem much smooth, with an inclination closer to the HTC One M8 which issues us trust that everything may be OK.

HTC has taken its craftsmanship and propelled it to the future. The body is more metallic than in recent past, the screen is also fitted cozily inside the frame.


HTC One M9 review in Kenya HTC One M9 Price in Kenya

The screen on the HTC One M9, is both awesome and a bit of baffling one. The resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 5-inch display impression is just perfect, and looks brilliant, bright and rich.

The green shading tint is recognizable, however, some fixes need to be made before the release.


HTC hasnt done an immense tweaking for the screen, as it appears, offering a basically similar phone to last years model, however, its still perfect, perhaps more, and still is breathtaking in addition to not striving for a QHD resolution, its positively improved the battery life, or so I think. The camera has been pumped 5 times the HTC One M8 camera

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