Apple iPhone 7: Everything you need to Know


In the mobile phone industry, we are used to getting leaks and rumors about new devices. Most of which turn out to be true. The iPhone 7 rumors might also be 100% true.

Apple traditionally releases its phones each September, and last year, they released the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus. That is just a few months ago.

And now we are barely into 2016 and we have all these iPhone 7 rumors doing rounds on the Internet. I thought it to be cool to share them with Tech Kenya readers. So, here are a few facts about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus according to the rumors.

IPhone 7 Biggest Rumor: No Headphone Jack

Yes. That right. For me, I cannot think of any one phone that came out since a decade ago that does not have a headphone jack. Apparently, Apple thinks the 3.5mm jack takes too much space and makes the phone thick. For that reason, they are willing to bet on other technologies.

Apple has the lightning connector, on which which they are looking to combine the charging and earphones functionality. The insider rumors also suggest that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will have an adapter in place in case you desperately need to use the 3.5mm jack.

However, some of you will think: and how will you charge the phone while at the same time listening to John Legends All of Me. Well, the adapter will take care of that.

I am very eager to listen to your comments about this. In fact, you can leave your thoughts below and I will surely respond within a few hours.

Back to the headphone jacks demise. Apple has a history of changing things even when users are not excited a bit. But we get used to the changes and we begin to dream of new iPhones within a few days. So, do not worry, Apple fan, you will surely get used to it.

The pretty good part of this story is that you will be using wireless earphones/headphones. Nifty, huh. And you will have a slimmer iPhone 7. That is awesome news!

IPhone 7s Design Rumors: Slim, Slimmer, IPhone 7 And IPhone 7 Plus

Is anyone still complaining that their phone is too thick? Like it is 2010? It is 2016, and I do not think that we still need ever slimmer phones. Yet Apple wants to make the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus as slim as possible. The two new phones will be thinner courtesy of the sacrifice mentioned above.

Also, the iPhone 7s casing is going to change a bit. Apple has been working on replacing the aluminum casing with a compound of other materials. This will apparently help make the next generation of iPhones more resistant to both water and dust. And while this does not mean full water resistance, it still means something. And who know, maybe we will get waterproof iPhones.

We also expect the design of the iPhone to be completely refreshed. Apple does a design refresh after every two years. And 2014 is a long time already. Therefore, in 2016, we expect the iPhone 7 to come out with a completely new look.

IPhone 7s Screen Technology Rumors: The Good Old Screen

There had been rumors that Apple was working on Amoled technology for the new iPhones. However, the technology might not make it to the iPhone 7. Instead, Apple iPhone 7 will come with the TFT-LCD screen of the iPhone 6 s.

However, there is a high possibility that we might see a pump in pixel density. Given that the iPhone 6 plus and the iPhone 6 s plus came with a good 401 ppi, September might be the time Apple accepts there is a better definition for retina display.

IPhone 7 And IPhone 7 Plus Camera Rumors: Dual Lens?

When HTC decided to use two modules for the camera a few years ago, the additional camera unit was nothing but a gimmick to many. Dont you think they would have done better with the two modules other than just measure depth of field and focus?

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus might have two camera lenses. In 2015, Apple acquired LinX Imaging, an Israeli company. LinX use very sophisticated technology when it comes to imaging so much that rumors now suggest the iPhone, with two lenses, might achieve optical zooming by varying the focal length.

Furthermore, the use of two lenses in the iPhone 7 will mean that photos taken with the camera will have more light and colors will look more real.

The protruding camera will also be gone.

Apple IPhone 7 Battery Rumors

The battery life will greatly be improved in the iPhone 7 as compared to the iPhone 6s.

Apple IPhone 7 Announcement

The new iPhones will be announced and released in September 2016. However, there are some new rumors that claim a smaller 4.0 inch iPhone 5Se will be released in March this year. We will have to wait to see if that is true.


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