InnJoo Note Pro Specs and Price in Kenya

injoo-note-4-pro specs and price in Kenya

Complete InnJoo Note Pro Review

Welcome to InnJoo Note Pro Review.

New entrants in the Kenyan smartphone market are Infinix and InnJoo. However, it is no secret that the two phone brands are enjoying a great success even before they make a name yet.

There is a reason for this of course. Jumia.

There are lots of great deals on InnJoo and Infinix phones through Jumia. The online retailer is enjoying a dominance that can as well be called monopoly. It is also trustworthy and many Kenyans are increasingly adopting online shopping.

InnJoo Note Pro Review – Tech Kenya

InnJoo Note Pro and Infinix Hot Note X551

So, through this trust, and through great offers on new mobile phones such as InnJoo Note, the stock is always running out indicating only one thing: Kenyans are buying them like hot cakes.

When I laid my hands on the InnJoo Note Pro, even though it landed in Kenya back in June, I decided that I am going to share my experience with the phone. It is a great package!

Innjoo Note (728 x90)

But before we move to the rest of the InnJoo Note Pro review, here is a breakdown of the features and specifications of the InnJoo Note Pro:

Supported Network Bands

  • 2G          GSM 900MHz, 1800MHz
  • 3G          HSPA 900MHz, 2100MHz
  • 4G          no
  • Availability
  • Announced        2015
  • Currently             Available. Released 2015
  • Physical Attributes
  • Size        na
  • Weight na
  • Sim Type
  • Dual Standard SIM
  • Screen Details
  • Screen Type
  • HD IPS Capacitive Display
  • Screen Size         5.5 Inches
  • Pixel Count         1280720 HD
  • PPI         267 ppi
  • Software /Hardware
  • OS Version
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • Chipset Type
  • MediaTek
  • GPU       Embedded
  • CPU       Quad Core 1.3GHz
  • Memory Info
  • Internal Memory
  • 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
  • SD-Card Support
  • up to 32GB
  • Camera Details
  • Back Camera
  • 13 MP
  • Front Camera
  • 8 MP
  • Video Capability
  • 1080p
  • Other Features
  • Led Flash, Geotagging, Face detection, Panorama
  • Audio
  • Supported Codecs
  • Mp3, Amr, WAV, FLAC, eACC+
  • Speaker Location
  • Dolby, Beats, etc.
  • Connectivity
  • 4G          No
  • Wi-Fi
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth            v4.0
  • GPS        Yes
  • Glonass no
  • USB Type
  • USB 2.0
  • More Features
  • Bundled Sensors
  • Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity
  • Apps      All Android Apps and Games
  • Productivity        Doc, Docx, ePub, Mobi, PDF, Txt,
  • Miscellaneous
  • Battery Info
  • Estimated Talk Time        na
  • Capacity               3000mAh
  • Extras
  • Price in Kenya
  • Kshs 13,000
  • Available Colors
  • Black

Those are decent specs on paper. But, does the InnJoo Note Pro really deliver as promised? You will find out shortly.

Notable InnJoo Note Pro Features


16 GB Internal Memory

13 MP Primary and 8 MP Front Camera

5.5 Inch Display

Build And Design

InnJoo Note Pro Review – Tech Kenya

This is InnJoo Note Pro next to the Infinix Hot Note X551. The corners of the InnJoo Note Pro look sharper than those of the Infinix Hot Note x551 but the two phones are of the same size.

I know some people do not really like anything to do with plastic phones these days, since even Samsung has decided to ditch plastic on the flagship smartphones after a long time clinging on it.

InnJoo Note Pro is made up of plastic. Bad news? Absolutely no. When you first hold the phone in your hand, you will appreciate the solid build. The phone feels and looks premium and it can hardly register any creaks even when you try to twist it.

The color of the power button and that of the volume rocker is different from the rest of the body.


I didnt like the large space below the screen. As much as it doesnt make the phone ugly, it just makes me think the designer should have asked for an LG prototype for a benchmark. LG knows how to make that bezel extremely small.

You can only see the front facing camera and the earpiece at a glance on the face of the phone. The rest of the front looks completely black when the screen is off and you cannot even see where the capacitive soft buttons are located.

When you press the power button, which is conveniently placed at the right side of the phone, the 5.5 inch IPS display breathes to life. The resolution of the display is low, however, and you might see why if you are an avid eBook reader.

When the screen is on also, the capacitive buttons below the display light up to help you navigate the UI. The three buttons turn off intelligently when you are not using them which conserves the battery a great deal.

Just above the power button is the volume rocker and just like the power button, it is easy to press and feels comfortable too. There is also a 3.5mm earphone jack socket near the top right corner.

The lower end of the phone hosts the USB 2.0 port.

You only find the earphones socket on the top of the phone. If you look closely, there is also a small hole on one side. This is a dedicated microphone that isolates any background noise when you are in a loud environment to make the caller hear your voice without a problem.

Flipping the phone, you will be greeted with the InnJoo branding that runs vertically on the phone. Apart from the white text, the phones back is minimalist in nature and only holds the camera that is centered with its flash just below it.

The rear bottom has the speaker grille which reminds me of the Tecno Y6 that we reviewed a few days ago.

Just so you know, the camera protrudes slightly.

InnJoo Note Pro looks great even though this is the black version. As you can see, the camera is very prominent with its flash and then the InnJoo branding and the speaker grille on the lower end.

When you first unlock the display, the InnJoo Note Pro greets you with a familiar interface. The display you expect from any Android smartphone that leans much towards stock Android version than custom overlays.

The InnJoo company entered the smartphone industry the other day, and it is understandable that they havent already come up with a solid custom overlay.

By the way, something else that will give you complete stock Android experience is the Infinix Hot 2 X510 which we previewed recently. The Infinix Hot 2 is a member of the Android One.

For example, take a look at the screenshot showing the system settings below. There is no customization at all. All you are seeing is a complete stock Android interface.

InnJoo Note Pro Review – Tech Kenya

The settings app is completely stock. This is great for those people who do not like the clutter that custom overlays bring. It is simple to navigate and also snappy. You will immediately know where everything is if you have used Android before.

However, you wont say the same when you compare this with Tecnos interface, which looks more like iOS than Android. Anyway, when it comes to interface looks, it is almost a love or hate situation.

Some people love a custom UI while others swear by pure Android. This is the same thing that differentiates the lovers of Samsung from those of HTC. HTC sticks to a simple UI, just like Sony which results in their snappy performance.

Tech Kenya – InnJoo Review

This is the beautiful dialer app interface.

However, Samsung is different breed altogether. It loves to skin Android until it looks completely, well, Samsung. It was not until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 that the company decided to tone down its customization a bit, which was welcome indeed.

Now that you know I love a simple UI, you can correctly guess that I was at home with the InnJoo Note Pros interface. I loved the familiar Android organization and look.

Are you acquainted to the Huaweis Emotion UI? Well then. You will be familiar with InnJoos homescreen. Instead of having an app menu, the company decided to place all the apps on the homescreen.

This is the homescreen. It borrows a lot from the likes of Emotion UI that is found on Huawei phones. This means there is no separate app menu but instead, you find all the apps you have installed right there at the homescreen. It might be convenient, and makes the phone run fast, but it can also result in clutter and consequently difficult navigation after you install too many apps. This, however, can easily be remedied if you install a third party launcher. Third party launchers also come with a lot of customization plus tones of widgets.

You just swipe between the homescreens until you find the app you are looking for. Convenient indeed. However, if you want to go the traditional way, you can still install the Nova Launcher which is a fast and lightweight launcher for Android 4.0 and up.

Software And Performance

Call it snappy. Call it fast. Call it swift. Just call it anything that describes a phone that does not understand what lag means. I was very impressed with the performance of the phone.

Tech Kenya – InnJoo Note Pro Review

The InnCloud and the InnBrowser Apps. Both have clean interfaces

From unlocking the display, swiping though the apps, opening several apps and jumping between them, and even recording videos, I must admit the phone never lagged at all.

The only thing I noticed is that, the phone tends to get warm pretty fast when you throw it too many tasks.

There are three applications that stand out on the phone and these are the InnBrowser, the InnTheme and the InnCloud. To use the InnCloud, you will have to sign in. However, the InnBrowser works just like any other browser out there but looks so much like UC Browser.

The InnTheme is a handy app if you like changing your phones theme to your taste.

InnJoo Note Pro Review – Tech Kenya

The alarm clock is not left behind. The clock looks great and allows you to use the alarm or the stopwatch all in a simple straightforward UI.

The Camera

The camera app on the InnJoo phones is always a simple and useful piece of kit. There is no overboard customization and all the settings and shortcuts you get are pretty just what you need to take the best snaps.

InnJoo Note Pro Review – Tech Kenya

The camera interface looks clean and easy to navigate. These are screenshots showing the general camera settings of InnJoo Note Pro, the photo settings and the video settings.

On the general settings menu of the camera app, you get to toggle location on/off, adjust the exposure value, apply color effects, choose the scene mode and even take control of the white balance. These are basic settings and there are many others too available from the settings menu.

The photo settings allows you to use features such as: smile shot, zero shutter delay, HDR mode, face detection, photo quality and self timer.

On the video settings menu, you get to tweak the following: EIS on or off, Microphone on or off, Audio quality, Time lapse interval and video quality among others

The outdoor photos look great. You could expect this much from a 13MP snapper though. The images came out sharp and detailed. As you can see, the colors too look real and there is a good balance as well. Click on the image to view the full resolution image.

The autofocus works like charm. In fact, I did not have to pause to allow the autofocus to lock before taking any photos, even indoors. It just locked way before I could even tap the camera button. This is an added advantage for those who want to capture anything in action without blur or lack of focus.

This is one of the indoor photos of the InnJoo Note Pro. The phone takes great photos that are well focused and have very small amount of noise. The photo has been cropped.

Indoor photos were not aggressively post processed to remove noise and thus the end result was still very detailed. In fact, the resulting indoor photos were almost of the same quality as those taken outside.

The outdoor photos are not processed excellently, however, and they looked as if the phone tried to make the photos sharper than they should be thus ending up with disappointing results at times.

This is another outdoor photo. Click on it to access the full resolution photo.

The front camera, being 8MP also produced great snaps. Here is a sample:

InnJoo Note Pro Review – Tech Kenya

This is a photo taken using the front camera. The camera is 8MP, which makes your selfies look just like normal snaps taken using the back camera.

Additional outdoor photo of the phone. The photo has been cropped. This is a result you get when you use the digital zoom.

Battery Life

The phones battery should last you a full day of intensive usage, and up to 2 days of moderate use. So, prepare to charge the phone overnight.

Wrap Up

Even though I only used the InnJoo Note Pro during the review, I have to say I did not experience any problems. However, I must mention that a metallic rim, pumped up resolution and a reduced bezel would really do the phone great good.

I liked the snappy performance which was aided by the 2 Gigs of RAM. The camera also delivered results way beyond my expectation.

It will only be a while before we find out how the InnJoo company will hold up against the competition. It is still early to say they are winning hearts. Things like after-sale services mean a lot to customers and that is what keeps them coming back.

So, if InnJoo will be ready to provide good support to its customers, and also maintain the quality of its products, it will not be hard to see them come on top someday.

The Competition

InnJoo feels well built as compared to the Infinix Hot Note x551 yet they can be obtained for the same price.

The Infinix Hot Note is another phone to watch. In fact, they come at an almost same pricing and they have similar features in some areas.

The two phones have the same screen size and even the same resolution.

The camera placement on the two phones is different though. For the Hot Note, the camera is placed at the upper back close to the edge while it is centered on the InnJoo Note Pro.

The two phones have the power button and the volume rocker on the same side.

The weight is almost the same too, and you can hardly tell the difference.

The only difference being the additional battery capacity on the Infinix Hot Note X551. The InnJoo Note Pro has an upper hand in some areas, however, such as more RAM, 2GB as compared to 1GB, and better cameras, 13MP/8MP vs 8MP/2MP.

Oh, and the two phones are made up of plastic. The plastic construction on the InnJoo Note Pro is more sturdy though.


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