Why You Dont Receive WhatsApp Messages In Tecno Camon C8 And C5

Whatsapp-calls Everything You should Know

Why You Dont Receive WhatsApp Messages In Tecno Camon C8 And C5

This is not a Tecno Camon C5 vs Tecno Camon C8 battle in specs. Instead, this post explains where the two phones excel in power management. You will be surprised at how much power Tecno Mobile has given you.

With any of these two phones, you can control almost everything that goes on with apps. In fact, I call this the magic wand! Power management in the next level. Welcome to the adventure.

So, I have been wondering why Tecno Camon C5 and Tecno Camon C8 have this problem where as soon as you leave an app, the app stops synchronizing almost immediately.

In simple terms, it means that apps like Facebook and WhatsApp stop displaying notifications as soon as you leave them.

I had never given it any deep thought before since I thought I am the only one with the issue. Then a friend of mine told me he was having the same and together we tried a few settings.

I have a confession to make. Tecno engineers worked extra time on these two phones. I have been using this phone for more than one month yet I have never exhausted its functionality!

That seems unbelievable, but today, I realized the truth of that statement. The geek in me feels cheated though, but it just reminded me that learning is a continuous process. Enough with cliches already.

Anyway, to cut the long chase, there are battery saver settings that let the Tecno Camon C5 and Tecno Camon C8 control how apps behave in a very powerful way.

Majority of these settings prevent apps from accessing the Internet and even misusing memory resources. Whatever that means.

For example, when you close WhatsApp and go to another app, WhatsApps data in the phones garbage, garbage is data of running apps that are not so necessary, are cleared automatically.

This means that the phone will keep running smoothly and wont run out of RAM easily. It also means the phone saves a lot of juice. That is good.

But then, this is implemented at a very high cost. It is only until you launch the WhatsApp app or other apps that you get to actually receive notifications. Which is a pain.

Also, starting WhatsApp takes a few moments. In the event that every time you leave it it is cleared from the memory, it implies you have to restart it every time you want to use it. That slows things down.

Thus, with time, you will think WhatsApp runs slow. Or worse, you will think Tecno Camon C5 and Camon C8 have problems with WhatsApp. That is not true. The real reason is that there is magic working behind the scenes.

So, to make the launching of apps fast and smooth, you will have to take a look at the settings below. In fact, I have included detailed screenshots. The annotations indicate important stuff.

These settings should also be used when your primary goal is to conserve the battery. In which case you will do the exact opposite with each setting.

By the way, up to now, while using the phone normally, I get a full day out of it with more than 50% remaining at the end of the day. Some days even see me get a full day with over 70% remaining.

But I always charge my phones at night because I love starting from a fully charged phone each day.

However, please not that the optimal usage of a battery is when it is never overcharged, or discharged below 20%. Use it in between. Many people say 30% 80% is advisable. But that should not concern you for now.

The Main Settings Screen in Tecno Camon C5 vs Tecno Camon C5

This is the main settings screen

Preventing Apps From Accessing The Web When The Screen Is Off

Tecno Camon C5 and Camon C8 Settings for power management

When you choose More in the settings menu of Camon C5 and C8, you will see the Standby Network Management setting.

There, it is written: Prevent apps from accessing the web when standby exceeds 30min.

This means that each time the phones screen has been off for more than 30mins, you will no longer continue receiving WhatsApp or Facebook notifications. Or any other notifications that depend on the Internet.

Therefore, tap on the Standby Network Management and either disable it using the on off button or disable it for individual apps.

If you disable it completely, the problem is that other unnecessary apps might eat the battery unnecessarily. I recommend you disable it for WhatsApp and other important apps only. The rest can be prevented. I have never seen such a powerful firewall.

Access the setting by going to Settings>More>Standby Network Management

Prevent Apps From Auto-Starting When The Phone Boots

Tecno Camon C5 vs Tecno Camon C8 Self Starting Apps Manager

Another great feature that will keep the battery and performance in check is the Auto Start Management.

This is not related the notifications, however, but in turn, the setting gives you the power (NB: magic wand) to control which apps start when the phone boots.

The setting is under Settings>Security>Auto-Start Management. Uncheck all the memory hogging apps that like starting on their own there. Having too many apps auto-start prolongs the boot time.

Heartbeat Sync

Tecno Camon C5 and Camon C8 Battery Settings

Overview. Option 3 is explained below.

Tecno Camon C5 and Camon C8 Heartbeat Sync Settings

This setting can be accessed from the Battery.

Go to Settings>Battery>Heartbeat Sync and disable for certain apps.

I do not know how this settings affects WhatsApp in terms of delay in notifications. However, it says: Control the heartbeat sync mechanism of apps to prevent the device from being frequently awoken in black screen standby mode.

I disabled for WhatsApp anyway. 😉

Sleep Cleanup

Tecno Camon C5 vs Tecno Camon C8 Memory Cleanup Settings

This impacts how fast apps open

Go to Settings>Sleep Cleanup

After opening the switch, the system will automatically clean up memory garbage and close unnecessary applications when the lock screen time exceeds 1 hour within the setting time.

What I noticed, as I mentioned before, is that, while starting most apps, it takes noticeably longer than usual. So, I disabled this setting to allow apps to launch faster.

However, remember that this will result in the battery running out faster in standby mode and the RAM might fill up sometimes. But I have not experienced any of those things so far.

By the way, when you want to close unnecessary apps, tap the multi-tasking menu soft button and click the rocket(optimize) icon. This will clear all the running apps. Start from a clean state, and move on.

Tecno Camon C5 and Camon C8 Optimizing performance

How to optimize performance in 1 seccond

Remember, to conserve the battery, there is the normal battery saver, and the ultra power saving mode, in the screenshot below. Use both settings to conserve battery. They impact performance, however.

Tecno Camon C5 and Camon C8 Normal Battery Saving Settings

These are normal battery saving management settings.

Also, to save more juice, do the opposite of what improves performance. Disable network access after 30min, turn on sleep cleanup, prevent apps from auto-starting, and turn on heartbeat sync and restrict background data. Problem solved.


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