Tecno Y6 Review and Specs


Tecno Y6 Review: The Little Cute Messenger from Tecno.

The new Tecno Y6 is another message from Tecno that they are here to stay, and they mean to take over the low-to-midrange smartphone market segment. This is likely the reason the company is currently releasing new smartphones targeted at the mid-range section at a very high rate.

Back in the day, when Tecno was a new brand in Kenya, they used to be focused in the then Nokia-ruled feature phone segment. They were on the same league with the likes of G-tide and other small Chinese brands, remember the LOUD Chinese phones? However, that trend was short-lived.

Tecno seemed to have done its homework and found the smartphone market is their sweet spot, not the feature phones. They released the likes of Tecno N3, the Tecno M7, and they ventured into the mid-range smartphone category with the Phantom A and later the A+.

As you can imagine, those smartphones just came out the other day, meaning Tecno is still new in the Kenyan market. But they are already gaining a lot of trust from Kenyans. I am pretty sure you will agree with me that it now seems one in every 5 smartphone users owns a Tecno.

Well, Tecno devices are very cheap. And that might be the reason. But mainly, Tecno has already set a good track record to deserve such a market share. Bravo Tecno.

The release of the Phantom Z was also a solid indication that they will soon be getting hold of the high end smartphone segment.

The Tecno Y6 is a sturdy and well-built device

Enters Tecno Y6. A phone meant to bring power and features to the customers of low cost smartphones. The Y6 is adorned with a special design and good looking colors to go with. Whatever Tecno is up to seems to do with making the common smartphone user comfortable with what he or she can afford.


Let us look at the specs and features:

Tecno Y6 Complete List Of Specs And Features

  • Specs    Details
  • Dimensions        140.2 x 74.5 x 10.6 mm
  • Screen Size         5.0 inches
  • Screen Resolution            480 x 854 pixels, 196 pixels per inch
  • Chipset MediaTek MT6572W Chipset
  • CPU       1.0GHz dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU, MediaTek MT6572W Chipset
  • GPU       Mali-400 GPU
  • SD Card slot        Up to 32GB
  • Internal Memory              8 GB, 1 GB RAM
  • Primary Camera                5MP, up to 2592 x 1944-pixel-pictures
  • Secondary Camera          2MP up to 1600 x 1200-pixel pictures
  • Video Details      720p@30fps
  • Battery 2350mAh Li-Ion battery

As you can see, the phone has got a lot of great features to boot. However, how is the daily experience like? Is the power the Tecno Y6 comes with useful? Does the phone live up to its promises? Well, find out in this comprehensive Tecno Y6 review, as we take the Y6 on its paces.

Design of The Tecno Y6

The phone is completely made up of plastic. Yes, plastic. I know how awful that sounds to some iPhoney guys. Well, wait until you hold the phone in your hand. It feels sleek and solid plus the grip is great too.

The phone is completely made up of plastic

Given the pricing, we can easily say that Tecno has really worked on the design and ergonomics of this phone.

On the front facing side, you have the front/secondary camera adjacent to the earpiece and then of course the screen real estate. The screen itself has a resolution of 854480, giving a PPI of 196, which is not that decent. But given the pricing, we can do with the low res display.

The Tecno Y6 Review: Screen

The Display is 5 and sits nicely on the frame.

On the back, we have the Tecno branding; the camera and adjacent is its flash. On the lower back is a proportionally placed speaker grille, and this one seemed to pump out some really good sound according to my experience.

The volume control keys are placed next to the power button on the right side. The placement of the power button is of course nothing new since that is the natural place for your thumb. And the idea came to existence a long time ago.

Tecno Y6 Software And User Interface

All Tecno phones these days come with a really nice UI. The icons are large and flat, with rounded corners. Some of these screenshots will give you a good idea of what we’re talking about.


The Settings also look great

I loved the Settings app on the Tecno Y6. It is well organized and you can easily get what you are looking for. It is also well skinned.

When you pull down the notification area, you are greeted with the familiar style found in the Settings app UI. There are also some handy shortcuts on the second page of the notification area.

From here, you can control such things as:

  • Air Plane Mode
  • Bluetooth
  • Data Switcher
  • Wi-Fi
  • Accounts and Synchronization
  • Hotspot
  • GPS
  • Auto Rotate
  • Audio Profiles
  • Battery Stats
  • Data Usage
  • Performance Of The Tecno Y6

For daily tasks like social networking, calling and casual game plays, your Tecno Y6 will provide enough power to keep you busy all the while and it will hardly freeze.

The phone’s 1GB of RAM seems capable enough for such basic tasks. However, if you throw in the latest games, which are normally resource hungry, you will surely have to curse the phone for it must hang, and you will hear your friends repeat, Hanging is real.

That said, Tecno Y6 is a capable smartphone that does not disappoint when it comes to the normal daily usage patterns. For the price, the performance was even beyond my expectations.

The Camera Performance Of The Tecno Y6

Tecno Y6, however cheap it is, does not come with a crappy camera like the ones you are always condemned to live with for choosing to buy cheap smartphones. The Tecno Y6s camera is a powerful piece of kit and I can confidently say it won’t disappoint you. In fact, you will be surprised with the results.

To make it simple for you, we took the Tecno Y6 on a photo-shooting session and here are some of the results:


The Tecno Y6 dynamic range: The Tecno Y6 was able to clearly show the building and the bright sky with no problem

Tecno Y6 Photos: Tecno Y6 Review in Kenya (Outdoor)

Still photos of the Tecno Y6 look stunning, with very vivid colors even though there is some noise in the darker sections.

With good lighting, the Tecno Y6 Smartphone can take jaw-dropping indoor snaps. As you can see from this photo, you can hardly see any noise whatsoever.

As you can see from the above pics, the outdoor photos are clear enough. They are more than usable, at that.

The indoor photos are somehow noisy. But, when you take the photos on a well-illuminated room, you will not have to live with so much of the grainy pics.

Tecno Y6 Review: Connectivity

If you constantly rely on an access point, AP, around your workplace or home, you will be impressed with the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Tecno Y6. Even with a single bar on the Wi-Fi signal, I was able to browse with no problem at all.

The Tecno Y6 was also able to maintain the Wi-Fi connection even with the weak signal, which is a good thing.

Additionally, you get the standard features such as Bluetooth, 2G and 3G connectivity.

The phone also comes with dual SIM standby, but you have to choose which to use for 3G.

Tecno Y6 Battery

Tecno Y6 can comfortably last you throughout a day of heavy usage. However, if you use it to make a few calls and be regular on WhatsApp, you can easily squeeze two days of juice out of the 2350mAh battery.


We liked the phone’s sturdy design and the power it comes bundled with. We were also able to take usable outdoor photos without having to tinker with the camera settings. The price is also very friendly, and the 13 month warranty on top will actually be a great treat for all those who purchase the Tecno Y6.

Where Can You Buy The Tecno Y6 In Kenya?

You can Buy The Tecno Y6 from Jumia for just Kshs 8,799.

Who Should Buy A Tecno Y6 Smartphone In Kenya?

If you are looking for a budget, yet powerful smartphone with dual SIM capability and expandable storage plus Android 4.4 out of the box, consider giving the Tecno Y6 a shot.

The Competition:

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