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Wiko is a French smartphone manufacturing company and here is the Wiko Getaway review. You might want to take a quick look at the complete list of Wiko Getaway™ specs before you read the review.

Last year, while I moseyed through Mombasa town over the weekend, when I came close to the Nawal Centre, I found this shop; a dealer I have known to stock of high end smartphones such as HTC, Samsung and LG, yet this time, right in the doorway was a stand full of Wiko demo smartphones. I was so surprised and I moved closer in to examine the colourful goodies. However, what surprised me the most was the fact that these smartphones were all running the then latest Android OS version, Android KitKat. I had to ask the dumbest question I have ever asked about smartphones: where do these smartphones come from? I cant recall if it came out actually as a question or an exclamation but I got the answer anyway. The prompt answer from the seller was that Wiko is a French phone manufacturer. I could not believe it. So, Google is always my friend on such matters; after consulting Google, the first result was a Wikipedia link with the answer I needed right on the first sentence. The best smartphone of the bunch was a Wiko Rainbow which was retailing somewhere around 15k.

wiko-mobile phones in Kenya

If you have not heard about it yet, Wiko is a French smartphone manufacturing company. Here is my hands-on Wiko Getaway Review.

That is a long story already.  However, last week, in the same spot, I met the new Wiko Getaway and my jaw dropped, again. I have not been accustomed to awesomely designed smartphones from small brands, even thought Tecno too is coming out strongly with its confusing offerings to disapprove that. Anyway, look through the photo gallery to see what I mean when I say the smartphones design surprised me.

You can look at the specs for all the top Wiko smartphones in Kenya including their prices.


If you have not heard about it yet, Wiko is a French smartphone manufacturing company. Here is my hands-on Wiko Getaway Review.

The Wiko Getaway™ is the most pampered offering on the smartphone range of the French company and is replacing the previous flagship Wiko Rainbow, from which it differs, in addition to the form factor and the construction materials. Those of the Wiko Rainbow are less valuable since most of it is just matte plastic contrasted with the ​ metallic materials making up the Wiko Getaway™. However, the predecessor had a solid construction and assembly nonetheless and the top offering from Wiko proudly maintains that.

Please note that the smartphone came out a long time ago, actually, around the third quarter of 2014 or so but it is still new in the Kenyan Market.

The device also differs from the Wiko Rainbow in the overall size, as the Wiko Getaway™ features the same display size- 5.0 inches which makes for better consumption of multimedia content, while not penalizing the user in terms of overall ergonomics of the device, in particular, it is perfectly usable with one hand. Wait; do you want to throw away your 5.8” phablet already? I guessed you are almost there; because Wiko has actually come out with a solid smartphone neglecting a few compromises that I will talk about later.

The front part is characterized, in addition to the staple brightness and proximity sensors and the earpiece, with the front facing camera with 5 mega-pixels. I think I saw some hands from the lovers of Selfies, even His Excellency loves selfies and we all like sharing our weirdest face expressions.

The device feels well made and when you try to twist the devices, you can hardly register any creaks that you might be used to from the midrange smartphones.

The back consists of the Wiko logo, a single led flash and the 13 Mega-pixel camera.

Fair enough, the headphone socket is on top and the USB 2.0 is placed at the bottom. The power button is on the side of the smartphone. The micro-SD/Nano SIM and the Micro-SIM slots are on both sides.

wiko-mobiles devices in Nairobi Kenya


If you have not heard about it yet, Wiko is a French smartphone manufacturing company. Here is my hands-on Wiko Getaway Review.

The Wiko Getaway™s belly is characterized by a ROM based on Android 4.4 KitKat, with a number of beautiful customization applied by the manufacturer. Many phone manufacturers, or the designers behind the scenes to be fair, have realized that flat and rounded icon design win more love from smartphone enthusiasts, and Wiko has that, it seems, as they have not gone for the cartoon look that some manufacturers tend to embrace. Just like the clean icon-design that you will find in Sony and HTC phones, expect to love the user interface of the Wiko Getaway™. I cannot say they are perfect at it, of course they cant compete with the kind of UI design that you get from MIUI or other top Chinese ROMs that emulate the iOS, but believe you me, you are in for a treat here.

The ROM runs very well on the device and seems to have been optimized very well. I did not experience any lag while using the phone but of course you know that some games on Android are resource angry and you wont miss a freeze even on top smartphones. That said, all the apps bundled with the phone run smooth and you do not have to wait for the interface to react to your tap, it is just instant. In fact, the system is always very smooth and responsive and from this point of view seems to result from the moderate 1GB of RAM and the Quad-Core Processor.


The Wiko Getaway™ comes with a 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM to go with that. The Antutu score of 17690 is decent. I remember just 3 years ago I could celebrate a phone with a mere 6k on Antutu Benchmark. Simply because 512 MBs or RAM and 800MHz processor were the top specs. Please dont lose track. Were reviewing the Wiko Gateway™.

Within the price point of this smartphone, it is normal to expect standard performance, which, in fact, the device is able to offer, and will add a few points on top of your expectation.

The device is equipped with dual SIM functionality, but you will have to choose between a second nano SIM or a Micro-SD card. The HSPA+ connectivity is a standard currently, and it is the best you can get in Kenya since 4G is still in the wild.


In Wiko Getaway™ the Wi-Fi a / b / g / n, the Wi-Fi Tethering capability, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are all present. The connectivity tests indicated everything works perfectly and, therefore, I do not need to dwell on those aspects much.



Wiko Getaway review in Kenya

The rear camera, with a 13 mega-pixel sensor and an aperture F / 2.0 and single LED flash are excellent additions.

For those of you who are addicted to Selfie for the occasional ‘double-tap’ needs, you will be happy to hear that you are well catered for here. You can rely on the 5 mega-pixels front sensor thanks to which youll get good results in terms of color rendering and sharpness, of course as long as you shoot in bright light conditions.

In general, the specs of the nearly camera-centric Wiko Getaway™ ensures very good shots in most lighting condition.

The camera app is stock Android. As for the shutter, the focus lock for all shots is fast enough and you do not have to take a breather before it catches up with your tap.


The phone comes equipped with 2000 mAh, which should be enough juice for a day’s use. I am sure you will be charging it overnight though, just like any other smartphone out there. I did not have much time with the device to confirm the battery life but all I can tell you is, it is decent.


In conclusion, I can say that the Wiko Getaway™, in everyday use, can satisfy my needs fully, and, unlike many other small phone manufacturers, I am not upset at first glance because of a design for it is a bit unique even though it borrows a little from Huawei P7. However, what it borrows on terms of the design are only for the beauty and excellence of the device which can never, and will never be a bad thing.

In addition, I think it is the reliability aspects by which Wiko seems to have worked a lot with the Getaway™, recovering in full the gap that has been created by the Chinese manufacturers who only seem to chase specs and clone designs. I am mentioning the Chinese manufacturers here because the price point of their devices is nearly what Wiko is offering yet you cannot rely on them.


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